CNC wire straightener and cutting machine

The JIAKE high-speed wire straightener and cutting machine is designed for low-carbon wire and can straighten and cut smooth or ribbed off-coil wire at speeds up to 130m per minute. All machines come with 1-year warranty and spare parts available worldwide.

The wire is driven through a dual rotator assembly by a series of feed wheels and cut to length in a high-speed flying shear. Straightened and cut wires emerge from the runout and in small bundles from the straighteners into a floor-mounted collection unit where they are end-aligned via pneumatically operated end plates.

A high-speed series of high-end straightening machines improves production efficiency
JIAKE straightening and cutting machines are specially designed for straightening and cutting bars. We provide new technological solutions to increase production and optimize costs.

Increase output with servo adjustable rotator
During the production process, the straightening mold is adjusted by motor drive, which increases the convenience of operation. Therefore, higher throughput is achieved through shorter processing times.

  Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine Specification:  

Model GT2-3.5H GT2.5-6H GT3-8H GT4-12 GT6-12H
Wire diameter (mm) 2-3.5 2.5-6 3-8 4-12 wire rod, 4-10 rebar 6-12 wire rod, 6-12 rebar
Cutting length (mm) 300-2500/3000 200-6000 330-6000/12000 280-12000 280/600-12000
Cutting error (mm) ±1 ±1 ±1 ±5 ±5
Max. Speed (m/min) 60-80 90-120 120 45 70-130
Straighten motor (kw) 4 4 11 11 37
Cut motor (kw) 2.6 3 4 7.5

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