3D Fence Panel Production Line

JIAKE 3d fence panel production line is designed for flexible and economical production of 2/3d fence mesh.

3D Fence panel production line is also called a fence mesh welding machine, or fence panel machine. is used to make fence mesh, road mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelves, explosion-proof walls, etc.

 Specification of 3D fence panel production line:  

 Model DP-FM-2500A DP-FM-2500A+
 Line wire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm 3-8mm
 Crosswire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm 3-8mm
 Line wire Space 3-5mm,50-300mm
 Crosswire space 12.5-300mm 12.5-300mm
 Max. mesh width(Fence height) 2500mm 2500mm
 Max. mesh length(Fence width) 6m 6m
 Max.Welding speed Max.120 times/min Max.120 times/min
 Welding electrodes 26pcs for 51 points 51 pcs
 Air cylinder 26pcs 51pcs
 Welding transformer 150kva*7pcs 150kva*9pcs
 Weight 6.8T 7.3T
3D fence garden panel

 Machine Features:  

From semi-auto to fully automatic
High-capacity 3d fence panel production
SUPREME FLEXIBILITY in the production regime

 Youtube Video:  

 Description of 3D fence panel production line:  

Main electric components:

●Panasonic (Japan) PLC
●Weinview (Taiwan) touch screen
●Schneider (France) low-voltage apparatus
●ABB (Switzerland Sweden) switch
●Schneider (France) air switch
●Tengen (China) isolation transformer
●Omron (Japan) power supply
●Delta (Taiwan) Variable-frequency Drive
●Panasonic (Japan) servo drive

Main Technologies:

●Welding electrodes are made of pure copper (upper Φ20*120mm, lower 20*20*20mm), and durable.
●The main motor (5.5kw)&Helical gear reducer connect the main axis directly, with big transmission torque.
●Cast water-cooling transformers, high efficiency. The welding degree is adjusted by PLC.
●SMC (Japan) air cylinders&pneumatic parts, machine working more stable.
●Panasonic (Japan) servo motor&planetary reducer for pulling mesh, more precise.
●The cable carrier is Igus brand, imported from Germany, the advanced one all over the world, not hanging down.


 Auxiliary Equipment:  

anticlimb fence machine equipment


Q: What’s the machine price?
A: Please contact by email, WeChat, or WhatsApp.
Q: Can you make the machine according to my voltage?
A: Yes, usually the popular voltages are 3 phase, 380V/220V/415V/440V, 50Hz or 60Hz, etc.
Q: Is there any cooling system on your machine?
A: We use water cooling welding transformers on the machine.
Q: How many workers are needed to operate the line?
A: About 4 workers.
Q: How many containers are needed to load one machine?
A: One 40HC is just enough.
Q: Is the mesh size adjustable?
A: Yes. The mesh size can be adjusted randomly within range.
Q: Can I adjust the welding degree?
A: Yes, you can adjust the welding current and welding time. It is controlled by PLC.
Q: What are your payment terms?
A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment, or L/C, or cash, etc. It is negotiable.
Q: What’s the production capacity of this machine?
A: One day (8 hours) can produce about 320-480pcs fence panels.
Q: What’s the power supply needed for this machine, does it need air power?
A: The power supply should be min.160kva. The Air compressor needs 0.3m^3.

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