Clearvu Anti Climb Fence Welding Machine

 Description of anti-climb fence welding machine:  

Clearvu fence welding machine, Model: DP-FP-3200A+. To make anti climb fence, we suggest a pneumatic type machine. The pressure of each welding point can be the same, so the finished mesh is flattened. After finishing welding, the mesh will be bent by fence fence-bending machine. The welding speed of the clear view fence welding machine can be up to 120 times/min.

Machine Features:

Clearvu fence welding machine adopts a modular design, so additional modules such as automatic netting systems and bending machines can be added according to the customer’s labor costs and output needs. Each mesh welding machine features European welding technology and is easy to operate and maintain. Typically, 1 operator can run the entire production line, but 1 operator is also required to run the modulating cutter, pre-straighten, and cut the wire, we offer both fully mechanical machines and pneumatic machines to meet your needs Budget.

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