Concertina Razor Wire Line

The Concertina razor wire line is used to produce Concertina security fences. Razor wire is widely used for prisons, airports, highway side, animal feeding fields, war zone fences, etc.

The Concertina razor wire line included an Uncoiler, punching machine, Slitting Machine, concertina wire combination machine, and Winder.


 Specification of Concertina Razor wire making machine:  

Model 25T 40T 63T Coiling machine
Power 2.2kw 4kw 5.5kw 1.5kw
Producing speed 70 times/min 75 times/min 120 times/min 3-4 Ton/8h
Pressure 25Ton 40Ton 63Ton
Material thickness and wire diameter 0.5±0.05mm, according to your requirement 2.5mm
Material of sheet GI and stainless steel GI wire
Voltage 3phase 380V/220V/440V/415V, 50HZ or 60HZ
Weight 2200kgs 3300kgs 4500kgs 300kgs

Steel tap shape optional

Style Barb length Barb width Barb space Steel tape shape
BTO-12-1 12±1mm 13±1mm 26±1mm BTO-12-1-Concertina Razor Wire Line
BTO-12-2 12±1mm 15±1mm 26±1mm BTO-12-2-Concertina Razor Wire Line
BTO-18 18±1mm 15±1mm 33±1mm BTO-18
BTO-22 22±1mm 15±1mm 34±1mm BTO-22
BTO-28 28±1mm 15±1mm 48±1mm BTO-28
BTO-30 30±1mm 18±1mm 49±1mm BTO-30
BTO-60 60±1mm 32±1mm 96±1mm BTO-60
BTO-65 65±1mm 21±1mm 100±1mm BTO-65

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