Expanded metal mesh line

1. Expanded metal mesh line is used (Germany) Siemens Touch screen + PLC control + (France Schneider) switch, reliable quality.
2. (Taiwan) Delta inverter to adjust working speed, flexibly and save some electricity.
3. Main motor with copper leads inside, service life is so long.
4. Servo motor to help material feeding, more precise and working faster than before.
5. Key parts adopt copper bush to decrease wearing-out.
6. Central lubrication system to decrease wearing out and make maintenance easy.
7. Two-year hardened Cast steel base and frame, shock-resistance and working smooth.
8. Spare parts like ground screws for you to install and fix machinery well.

Expanded metal mesh line specification:

Model: DP25-160
Material thickness: 0.5-8mm (mainly 0.5-6mm)
Material width: Max.2000mm
Material length: Max.1500mm (customed)
Stroke per minute: Max.60 times/min
Mesh opening size: ≤200mm
Distance of feed: 0-12mm
Motor: 30kw
Overall dimension: 3.55*4.3*2.65m
Net weight: 17T

How is the expanded mesh made?

1. Sheets or coils of metal are fed into the expanding machine, which has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (often diamond-shaped) of mesh-like material.
2. The expanding machine is fitted with a knife which determines the pattern for the mesh. New patterns and knives can be created in-house for specific applications.
3. The machines are then programmed or manually controlled to ensure the metal is expanded to the exact specification. Rigorous quality checks are carried out to ensure product consistency throughout the expanding process.
4. The slits created by the knife allow the metal to be stretched, which produces uniform holes.

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