High speed nail making machine

The high-speed automatic nail-making machine is the latest nail-making machine developed by Jiake Factory and is suitable for large quantities, high precision, and high productivity. It is highly safe, fast, and easy to use and maintain. A skilled operator can operate at least 3 high-speed automatic nail-making machines at the same time, saving labor costs.

High productivity
The machine has high stability, and the speed can reach 760 pieces/minute; it can save a lot of labor and increase production capacity (the production capacity can be more than doubled under the same site and manual work).

High stability
Our nail-making machine has good stability, double molds and double punches, and two moldings. The machine is equipped with long and short nail sensors, an automatic turning machine function, and no waste, which ensures the quality of nail making.

 Specification of Nail making machine:  

Model DP-X90 DP-X130 DP-X150
Max. diameter of nails 3.5mm 5.2mm 4.5mm
Min. diameter of nails 2.0mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Max. nail length 90mm(Limit 90mm) 30mm 150mm
Min. nail length 45mm 50mm 70mm
Speed ≤760 pcs/min (500-650) pcs/min ≤500 pcs/min
Installed capacity 5.5kw+1.5kw 7.5kw+2.2kw 11kw+2.2kw
Machine size 1500*1180*1100mm 1540*1160*1300mm 1650*1200*1300mm
1600*900*1650mm 1600*900*1650mm 1600*900*1650mm
420*760*970mm 420*760*970mm 420*760*970mm
Weight 2800KG 4200KG 4500KG

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Nails, in engineering, carpentry, and construction, refer to pointed hard metals made into fasteners for fixing wood, leather, boards, etc., or fixed to walls and used as hooks. Common nail materials include steel, copper, and iron.


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