Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine







The wire straightening and cutting machine is a new design by JIAKE engineers to high-speed straighten and cut steel bar and stainless wires, wire. It is of fast dragging speed and high performance. Ensuring better straightening and cutting. It is easy to control the production process.

 How does the rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine work? 


The coil of wire enters through the rollers


The wire is straightened by the rotator


CNC cutting system


Exit of the straightened and cut rod

 Specification of Wire Cutting Machine:  

Model GT2-3.5H GT2.5-6H GT3-8H GT4-12 GT6-12H
Wire diameter (mm) 2-3.5 2.5-6 3-8 4-12 wire rod, 4-10 rebar 6-12 wire rod, 6-12 rebar
Cutting length (mm) 300-2500/3000 200-6000 330-6000/12000 280-12000 280/600-12000
Cutting error (mm) ±1 ±1 ±1 ±5 ±5
Max. Speed (m/min) 60-80 90-120 120 45 70-130
Straighten motor (kw) 4 4 11 11 37
Cut motor (kw) 2.6 3 4 7.5

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1.The machine GT4-12, GT6-14 are CNC type. GT1-4, GT2-6, GT4-8 are mechanical type. GTY3-6 and GTY5-12 are high speed type, it can be up to 90-110m/min.
2.The machine mainly consists of tray bar rack, straightening rack, tractor cutting device, base support, motor rotation facility and control switch of electric appliances.
3.The cut length and wire diameter can be adjusted according to your requirement.
4.This machine only needs one worker to insert the wire into the straightening assembly, then the machine can straighten and cut wires automatically.
5.The straightening moulds are alloy material, can be used long time.

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