Barbed wire machines included barbed wire making machines and concertina barbed wire machines to making barbed wire used in playground fences, livestock feeding, national border animal husbandry, expressways, etc.


1. Barbed wire fence machine has three types: CS-A is a normal twisted barbed wire-making machine, CS-B is a single high-speed barbed machine, and CS-C is a double reverse twist barbed machine.
2. Raw material: galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire, etc.
3. One worker can operate multiple machines.
4. One hour can produce about 70KG/40KG/50KG.


1. The razor barbed wire making machine mainly consists of decoiler, punching machine, recoiler, razor wire covering machine, control cabinet, etc.
2. A punching machine is used to cut steel tapes into different razor shapes with different punching molds.
3. Application: The finished razor wire is widely used in the security isolation of military facilities, stations, power distribution stations, border prisons, landfills, community protection, schools, factories, farms, etc.