Cold Rolling Steel Bar Ribbed Machine

 Specification of Steel Bar Making Machine:  

Model LZ-10000T LZ-15000T Steel-fiber
Ribbed wire dia 4-10mm 5-12mm
Motor capacity 30kw 55kw
Speed Max.90m/min Max.120m/min
Weight 3.5T 4.5T

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1. The cold rolling steel bar ribbed machine rolls the surface of a steel round bar to form three crescent sides. The machine can make rebar coils, or straighten rebars directly.
2. Raw material is a hot-rolled low-carbon steel round bar.
3. Usage: This production line mainly makes reinforcing steel bars with three-sided crescent ribs. The finished product is widely used in highway, road, city planning, and construction works.
4. Process: Wire pay-off–Sheller–Horizontal wire drawing machine for ribbing–Coiling.

 Auxiliary Equipment:  

cold rolling steel bar ribbed machine


In construction applications, especially when these projects use concrete to build their structures, steel reinforcement is absolutely crucial. Concrete structures are strong, but their tensile strength is not very high. Due to this property, they break easily under pressure. To provide the tensile strength that concrete structures lack, steel bars or rebar are used. Among the different types of steel bars, deformed steel bars are said to be the best. They have ribs, lugs, or indentations on their surface, which allow them to anchor better to the concrete, ultimately helping to increase the strength of the structure.

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