Cold Rolling Steel Bar Ribbed Machine

 Specification of Cold Rolling Steel Bar Ribbed Machine:  

Model LZ-10000T LZ-15000T Steel-fiber
Ribbed wire dia 4-10mm 5-12mm
Motor capacity 30kw 55kw
Speed Max.90m/min Max.120m/min
Weight 3.5T 4.5T

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1.The cold rolling steel bar ribbed machine is to roll surface of steel round bar to form three crescent sides. The machine can make rebar coils, or straighten&cut rebars directly.
2.Raw material is hot-rolled low carbon steel round bar.
3.Usage: This production line is mainly to make reinforcing steel bars with three-side crescent shape ribs. The finished product is widely used in highway, road, city planning and construction works.
4.Process:Wire pay-off–Sheller–Horizontal wire drawing machine for ribbing–Coiling.

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cold rolling steel bar ribbed machine

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