Automatic fence panel mesh welding machine

JIAKE Welding Machinery is a professional of wire mesh welding machines in China! the panel mesh welding machine is used to make steel rebar mesh, road mesh, building construction mesh, etc. The machines adopt advanced welding technology and foreign brand equipment to improve welding speed and Work efficiency, to satisfy customers’ needs. 


JIAKE welding company has two types of reinforcing mesh welding machines: mechanical and pneumatic. The new type of pneumatic reinforcing mesh welding machine is designed for the flexible and economical production of reinforced concrete mesh. The machine uses advanced European welding technology and foreign brand equipment, greatly improved welding speed to satisfy customer requirements.

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The JIAKE 2-4mm wire mesh welding machine, can be used to make different types of wire mesh, like disk rack mesh, chicken cage mesh, construction mesh, fence mesh, etc. The welding speed of this machine can be up to max.120-130 times/min, production capacity is higher. There are two types, mechanical type, and pneumatic type.

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The JIAKE wire mesh cable tray welding machine adopts SMC bally air cylinders to control the welding. It has the advantage of saving energy consumption, bigger welding power, higher welding speed (80-100 times/min). It is suitable for wire diameter 3-6mm.
Ont the two sides of the mesh, it can be designed to “T” type welding.

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