Wire Mesh Cable Tray Welding Machine

Wire mesh cable tray welding machine is specially used to make cable tray wire mesh, with or without “T type welding” on two mesh sides.

The machine adopts quadruple-force&energy-saving air cylinders, one air cylinder controls two welding points. Advanced-technology-1
A Crosswire feeder can feed two crosswires at the same time, then output two pieces of mesh.

 Specification of Wire Mesh Cable Tray Welding Machine:  

Model DP-AW-1000H+
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Line wire space 50-300mm

Allow two 25mm

Crosswire space 12.5-300mm
Mesh width Max.1000mm
Mesh length Max.3m
Air cylinder 10pcs for max.20 points
Welding transformer 150kva*4pcs
Welding speed Max.120 times/min
Wire feeding way Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Weight 4.2T
Machine size 9.45*3.24*1.82m

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