Expanded mesh flattening machine

The flattening machine is a piece of equipment used for professional processing of expanded steel mesh and is an auxiliary equipment for the expanded steel mesh machine. For the expanded steel mesh machine, the flattening machine can not only smooth the expanded steel mesh grid and make its surface smooth and beautiful, thereby improving the quality of the mesh.
Its working principle is to feed the metal sheet into the machine and deform it through the pressure and force of the heavy-duty roller, making the surface of the metal sheet smoother.
The advantages of this equipment include: By adjusting the position and pressure of the roller, precise flattening of metal sheets of different thicknesses and types can be achieved. It can improve the surface quality and flatness of metal sheets and ensure the quality of the processed mesh. Improve production efficiency, reduce manual operations, and reduce production costs. Can be applied to different types of metal materials, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.
Generally speaking, the flattening machine can improve the accuracy and efficiency of expanded steel mesh processing and is one of the important processing equipment on the production line.

Machine Specification:

Flattening width: Max.1500mm

Material thickness: Max. 1.5mm/ Max. 2.5mm/ Max. 3mm

Roller diameter: 400mm/500mm/ 600mm

Motor capacity: 5.5KW/11KW/15KW

Roller Number: 2PC

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