3D Fence Mesh Welding Machine

 Description of 3D fence mesh welding machine:  

3D fence panel welding machine, Model: DP-FP-2500A. This machine is the common model to make 3D fence panels, consisting of a wire straightening and cutting machine, fence mesh welding machine, and fence mesh bending machine. If the three types of machines are working at the same time, 8 hours can produce about 400 fence panels.

Machine features:

Crosswire is fed from PRE-CUT (or, off coil from payoffs) by cross wire automatic feeding system, into the Welding Unit,

A high-precision servo carriage/car advances the mesh through the welding procedure.

The appropriate receiving table with rollers will accept the ready mesh panels.

Receiving – The stacking unit could be completely automatic and hydraulically operated (going slowly down), receiving the ready panel and stacking the panels into a package.

 Machine specification:  

 Model DP-FM-2500A DP-FM-2500A+
 Line wire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm 3-8mm
 Crosswire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm 3-8mm
 Line wire Space 3-5mm,50-300mm
 Crosswire space 12.5-300mm 12.5-300mm
 Max. mesh width(Fence height) 2500mm 2500mm
 Max. mesh length(Fence width) 6m 6m
 Max.Welding speed Max.120 times/min Max.120 times/min
 Welding electrodes 26pcs for 51 points 51 pcs
 Air cylinder 26pcs 51pcs
 Welding transformer 150kva*7pcs 150kva*9pcs
 Weight 6.8T 7.3T
3D fence garden panel

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