Anti-Climb 358 Fence Panel Machine

 Description of 358 fence panel machine:  

Anti-Climb 358 Fence Panel Machine is a professional machine for producing anti-climb fences, This security fence is usually used in highway fences, Prison guardrails, military guardrails, private regional guardrails, and other important places.

JIAKE engineers designed a new type of pneumatic anti-climb 358 fence panel machine, adapted Europen welding technology and foreign brand equipment, high speed, and high production, the welding speed max up 120 times/min. It is the best choice for customers who need high output.

This type of machine is fully automatic for the production of anti-climb mesh in sheets.

The longitudinal wire and crosswire are pre-straightened and cut by wire straightening and cutting machines.

The longitudinal wire is manually fed into the wire feeding system; the horizontal wire is put into the blanking rack, and the wire dropping is controlled by the SMC cylinder.

Mesh is advanced and a dedicated cutter is cutting it, at the programmed size.

Any type, from simple to fully automatic stacking, is available!

The complete operation is automatic and easily programmable!

 Specification of anti-Climb panel machine:  

Model DP-FP-3200A+
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Line wire space 76.2-300mm
Cross wire pitch Min.12.7mm
Mesh width Max.3200mm
Mesh length Max.3000mm or bigger
Welding electrodes 44pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*11pcs
Welding speed Max.60-80 times/min
Line wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Power supply Min.250kva
Weight 5.8T
Machine size 5.4*3.7*2.3m

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