Automatic Rebar Mesh Welding Line

Like all JIAKE welded mesh machines, the automatic rebar mesh welding line features a modular design, so additional modules such as stockers and transport grid systems can be added according to customer budget to grow production as your business expands. Each mesh welder is easy to operate and maintain and has the option of detachable add-on modules. Typically, 2 operators can run the entire production line.

From 3mm mesh in Rolls to 12mm automatic rebar mesh welding line, the JIAKE factory provides the perfect solution for you.

-Pneumatic-type welding technology
-Fully automatic production line
-Provide Machine Layout

 Specification of automatic rebar mesh welding machine:  

Model DP-GW-2500B DP-FM-2500A+ DP-FP-2500A+
Vertical wire diameter 3-12mm 3-8mm 3-6mm
Horizontal wire diameter 3-12mm 3-8mm 3-6mm
Max. mesh width 2500mm/3000mm 2500mm/3000mm 2500mm/3200mm
Vertical wire space 100-300mm 100-300mm 50-300mm/75-300mm
Horizontal wire space 50-300mm 12.5-300mm 12.5-300mm
Max. mesh length 6m/12m 6m/12m 6m
Max. welding speed 80-100 strokes/min 80-100 strokes/min 120 strokes/min

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