Concertina Razor Security Fence Welding Machine

 Description of security razor fence welding machine:  

Concertina razor security fence welding machine is especially to weld diamond-shaped razor wire fences, and the popular sizes are 150*75mm and 300*150mm and are adjustable. The mesh width is a maximum of 3000mm. Razor security fence welding machine is popularly used in the security field.

 Technical Parameters of razor mesh welding machine:  

Model DP-FP-2500R+ DP-FP-3000R+
Mesh width Max.2500mm Max.3000mm
Welding speed 20-30 times/min 20-30 times/min
Razor wire diameter 2.5mm usually 2.5mm usually
Mesh opening size 150*75mm, 300*150mm (adjustable) 150*75mm, 300*150mm (adjustable)
Welding electrode 32pcs 42pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*4pcs 150kva*6pcs
Weight 6800KG 7800KG

 Automatic razor wire feeding system:  


 Finished Product  

razor wire mesh fence is made of a sharp blade profile, that is welded together forming a diamond shape throughout the fence.

The razor wire mesh fence are impossible to climb, the blade profile is extremely sharp, the high-strength steel core wire is very difficult to cut, made from galvanized material or stainless steel ensuring a long life, simple to install, and a powerful barrier with a neat appearance ensures quick and effective perimeter solution.


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