Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

The pneumatic concrete reinforcing mesh welding machine adopted advanced technology and was used to production the reinforcing mesh, road mesh, etc. This machine is often exported to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, UAE, Iran, etc.
Machine Features:
This type of machine is fully automatic and is used to produce sheet construction mesh.
Wire and cross wire are fed directly from the spool through the feeding system and welded.
The mesh is state-of-the-art and specialized cutting machines cut to programmed dimensions.
High-precision servo carriage/cart advances the grid during the welding process.
A suitable receiving station with rollers will receive the prepared mesh panels.

 Specification of reinforcing mesh welding machine:  

Model DP-FP-2500A DP-FP-2500A+ DP-GW-2500A
Wire diameter 3-6mm 3-8mm 5-12mm
Line wire pitch 50-300mm 100-300mm 100-300mm
Cross wire pitch Min.25mm/12.7mm Min.50mm Min.50mm
Mesh length Max.6m Max.12m Max.12m
Mesh width Max.2500mm/Max.3000mm
Welding torch Max.48/61pcs Max.24/30pcs Max.24/30pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*6/8pcs 150kva*6/8pcs 150kva*12/15pcs
Welding speed Max.80 times/min Max.75 times/min Max.65 times/min
Weight 5.2T 6.2T 8.5T
Machine size 5.4*3.4*1.6m 16*3.9*1.6m 20*5.5*2.1m

We can design the concrete  reinforcing mesh welding machine according to your wire diameter, mesh hole size, and mesh width.

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 Finished product:  

It’s mainly used for highways, railways, bridges, enclosure mesh, concrete foundation reinforcing mesh, construction mesh, and so on.


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