Cyclonic mesh machine

JIAKE factory is a gold manufacturer of cyclonic mesh machines in China! We have three types of cyclonic mesh-making machines, single-wire type, double motor type, and double-wire type.

Among them, the dual-motor system is the latest high-performance technology developed by engineers. Based on the single-filament hook-knitting machine, it increases the weaving speed and reduces budget costs for customers with high output requirements.

1. Main electric components:
●Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC.
●Schneider (France) Air switch, contractor,
●Schneider (France) power supply,
●Schneider (France) low voltage electronics.
●Weinview (Taiwan) Touch Screen.
●Delta (Taiwan) Servo motor + Gear box(rate 1:3) & Driver.

 Double wire cyclonic mesh machine:  


 Double motor chain link fence machine:  


 Single wire chain link fence machine:  


 Machine Specification:  

Model DP25-10(double wire) DP20-100D(double motor) DP20-100S(single wire)
Wire diameter 1.8-4.0mm 1.5-4.5mm 1.5-4.0mm
mesh opening 25-100mm 20-100mm 20-100mm
Mesh Width Max.3M/4M Max.3M/4M(can design 6M width if you want)
Mesh Length Max.30M, adjustable
Capacity 120-180㎡/hours 80-260㎡/hours 70-100㎡/hours
Raw material Galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire
Servo Motor 5.5 KW 2pcs 4.5 KW 4.5 KW
Weight 3900KGS/4200KGS 3200KGS/3500KGS 2200KGS/2500KGS

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