Expanded Mesh Punching Machine

The expanded metal punching machine is composed of a machine frame, sidewall plate, top plate, drive motor, V-type belt wheel transmission mechanism, clutch device, crankshaft Connecting rod system, sliding block, up and down blade, and tool holder, material feeding and moving device, lubrication system and electric system.

Expanded mesh punching machine process:
1. Feed the galvanized/iron/lu/stainless steel plate or coil into the feeding system. Large amounts of mesh can be created by moving just a little bit of metal at a time, adding value and saving resources and money.
2. Each machine is equipped with a unique “punching knife” designed for specific patterns. Customized according to the mesh size required by the customer.
3. The machine is then programmed or manually controlled to ensure the metal expands to exact specifications. Strict quality checks are conducted to ensure product consistency throughout the expansion process.
4. Using a unique cutting and stretching process, there is very little waste. The metal is sheared and then stretched in a process, creating holes that cause the metal to expand. The mesh is then cut into sheets or wound into rolls, ready for shipping or further processing.

 Specification of Expanded Metal Punching Machine:  

Model: DP25-6.3
Material thickness: 0.1-1.2mm
Material max.width: Max.650mm
Stroke per minute: 320 times/min
Mesh opening size: Max.20mm
Feeding distance: 0-5mm
Motor: 4kw
Overall dimension: 800*1400*1520mm
Net weight: 1.2T

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