Production line for expanded sheet metal

 Description of expanded metal mesh machine:  

Production line for expanded sheet metal, also called extended metal machine, metal mesh making machine, or punch machine, is used to make expanded metal mesh or diamond mesh for construction fence, decoration mesh, protection mesh, industrial sieving, step platform, etc.

  Expanded metal process flow:  

1. Feed the raw materials into the expanded metal mesh machine. The raw materials can be sheets or coils. No raw material is wasted during the punching process.
2. Each machine is equipped with a unique “punching mold”. The mold is made of alloy and has a long service life. It is used to punch the required pattern.
3. Parameter settings are made on the machine to ensure that the metal expands to accurate specifications and maintains the high accuracy of the mesh
4. Finally, the grid is cut into slices or wound into rolls, equipped with accessory equipment according to customer requirements, ready for transportation or further processing.

 Finished Product:  

Expanded steel mesh has a wide range of applications, ranging from filters to building panels. This type of metal mesh is mainly used in automobile filters, storage racks, metal barrel manufacturing, barbecue grills, shipbuilding, mining, machinery, construction, transportation, petroleum, urban construction, hardware, protection, etc.


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