Fixed Knot Fence Machine

Fixed knot fence machine, is also called Deer fence machine, Grassland fence machine, Farm fence machine. Deer fence is extensively used in feeding animals, husbandry, mountain isolation, farm fence, etc.

 Specification of Fixed Knot Fence Machine:  

Model ZC-1500 ZC-2100 ZC-2440 ZC-2800
Mesh width 1524mm 2082mm 2438mm 2800mm
Max. line wire number 16 18 20 24
Line/cross wire diameter 2.4-2.6mm
Twisted wire diameter 2.0mm-2.24mm
Fence roll length 200meters (660feet)
Line wire space 76mm(3″)+N*12.5mm(1/2”);”N” can be 1, 2, 3, 4……
Cross wire space 75mm(3″), 150mm(6″), 300mm(12″), 450mm(18″)
Machine size 3.9*3.5*2.25m 4.45*3.5*2.25m 4.8*3.5*2.25m 5.3*3.5*2.25m
Machine weight 8T 8.7T 9.5T 10T
Note: Finally we can design the machine according to the customer’s request.

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1.The line wires and cross wires are fed from wire coils automatically.
2.Panasonic PLC control, very easy to operate.
3.Fixed knot fence mesh roll length can be set by counter switch on the control panel.
4.Deer fence machine can stop automatically when the cross wires are used up.
5.Speed-adjustable motor and servo motor.
6.Flattening pole to make smooth surface of finished mesh.7.Protection steel cover to ensure safety.

 Auxiliary Equipment:  


Wire pay-off


Butt welding machine


Air compressor 0.3m^3


Q: What’s the machine price?
A: What’s the mesh height you want? And please send the mesh drawing with line wire spaces.
Q: Can you make the machine according to my voltage?
A: Yes, usually the popular voltages are 3 phase, 380V/220V/415V/440V, 50Hz or 60Hz etc.
Q: Can I make different mesh size on one machine?
A: The line wire space must be fixed on one machine. Cross wire space can be adjusted within range.
Q: How many workers are needed to operate the line?
A: 1 worker.
Q: What’s your payment terms?
A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment, or L/C, or cash etc. It is negotiable.

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