Hinge Joint Fence Machine

 Description of Grassland Fence Machine:  

Hinge Joint Fence Machine, Model: CY-C. This machine is also called filed fence machine, grassland fence machine. The line wire tensile strength can be 300N/MM2—-1300N/MM, very suitable to prevent the animals from breaking. And the line wires can be straight type or V type. The cross wire tensile strength can be 300—500N/MM2.

 Machine features:  

1. The appearance design is simple and beautiful, and high-quality electronic components enable the production of grids with high accuracy and efficiency.

2. Customizability, the machine is produced according to the mesh and wire diameter parameters provided by the customer.

3. When the wire becomes entangled or disconnected, the machine will automatically stop working.

4. The mesh is automatically wound into a roll, and the fully automatic mesh unloading system saves labor costs.

 Specification of Hinge Joint Fence Machine:  

Max.mesh width 1427mm 1880mm 2000mm 2400mm
Motor 4kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Max. line wire number 11 13 18 23
Inner wire diameter 1.8mm-2.5mm
Edge wire diameter 2mm-3.5mm
Weaving speed 45rows/min
Min. line wire space 75mm/50mm
Cross wire space 50-500mm (adjustable)
Machine size 2.8×3.2×2.4m 3.3×3.2×2.4m 3.4×3.2×2.4m 3.9×3.4×2.4m
Machine weight 3T 3.5T 4T 4.5T
Note: Finally we can design the machine according to your request.

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