Machine Fabrication Grillage

The fully automatic Machine Fabrication Grillage is a wire mesh machine that crochets low carbon steel wire into a chain link fence. It has uniform mesh openings, a smooth mesh surface, a beautiful appearance, a wide mesh width, a thick wire diameter, is not easy to corrode, and has a long service life. The weaving is simple, beautiful, and practical.

Materials: galvanized wire, lead wire, low carbon steel wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire, and various metal wires of different materials.

Usage: Widely used for raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and zoo fences. Protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrails, sports fences, coal mine underground support, and road green belt protection nets. After the wire mesh is made into a box-like container and filled with rocks, etc., it can be used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs, and other civil engineering projects. It is a good material for flood prevention and flood resistance. It can also be used in handicraft manufacturing and conveyor networks for machinery and equipment.

 Specification of Machine fabrication grillage:  

Model DP25-100 DP20-100D DP20-100S
Wire diameter 1.8-4.0mm 1.5-4.5mm 1.5-4.0mm
Mesh opening 25-100mm 20-100mm 20-100mm
Mesh width Max.3M/4M Max.3M/4M(can design 6M width if you want)
Mesh length Max.30m, adjustable
Capacity 120-180㎡/hours 80-260㎡/hours 70-100㎡/hours
Raw material Galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire
Servo Motor 5.5 KW 2pcs 4.5 KW 4.5 KW
Weight 3900/4200KGS 3200/3500KGS 2200/2500KGS

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