PVC Coated Wire Machine

 Specification of PVC Coated Wire Making Machine:  

Input wire diameter 1-4mm Output PVC wire dia. 2-5mm
Voltage As your request. PVC thickness 0.8-2mm, usually 1mm.
Max. extrusion 70kg per hour Motor capacity 15kw
Diameter of Screw 65mm Height of center 820mm
Screw rate 25:1 Extrusion overall size 2400X820X900mm
Screw rotation speed 80 r/m Weight 1600Kg
Production 80M/min (If output PVC wire 3.5mm and 1mm thickness PVC, production is around 3-4tons/ 10hours.)

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  1. Working speed and temperature can be adjusted.
  2. Inverter control, energy saving 30%.
  3. Raw material: PVC or PE.
  4. Plastic extruding speed up to 70kg/h.
  5. Central temperature control, perfect finished product.
  6. Working Principle: This machine is for wire coated by hot-extrusion with raw material such as PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinylchloride).
  7. Raw material: low carbon wire.

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