Steel rebar mesh welding machine

JIAKE factory’s new type of pneumatic Steel rebar mesh welding machine adopted European welding technology–multi-force air cylinder. Welding speed maxes up 100-120 times/min. Improve the output and work efficiency of the machine.

JIAKE wire mesh welding machine can produce small and large standard construction mesh, engineering mesh, special mesh, and prefabricated welded mesh.

– Production of medium quantities of standard mesh
– High-quality mesh panels
– Possible upgrade with automatic feeding group for cross-wire and line-wire
– Web Teleassistance

 Specification of reinforcing mesh welding machine:  

Model DP-FP-2500A DP-FP-2500A+ DP-GW-2500A
Wire diameter 3-6mm 3-8mm 5-12mm
Line wire pitch 50-300mm 100-300mm 100-300mm
Cross wire pitch Min.25mm/12.7mm Min.50mm Min.50mm
Mesh length Max.6m Max.12m Max.12m
Mesh width Max.2500mm/Max.3000mm
Welding torch Max.48/61pcs Max.24/30pcs Max.24/30pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*6/8pcs 150kva*6/8pcs 150kva*12/15pcs
Welding speed Max.80 times/min Max.75 times/min Max.65 times/min
Weight 5.2T 6.2T 8.5T
Machine size 5.4*3.4*1.6m 16*3.9*1.6m 20*5.5*2.1m

We can design the steel rebar mesh welding machine according to your wire diameter, mesh hole size and mesh width.

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 Finished product:  

It’s mainly used for highway, railway, bridge, enclosure mesh, concrete foundation reinforcing mesh, construction mesh and so on.


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