Steel rebar production line

The cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line is produced in strict accordance with European standards. It is controlled by PLC and equipped with a fully automatic intelligent take-up system. It can produce 3-12mm cold-rolled ribbed steel bars and cold-drawn wire.

Cannon-type pay-off stand (can withstand 2T steel bars during high-speed production)
Cable entry cage (to prevent the steel bars from entangled with each other and prevent the wires from being messed up)
Rust remover (removes rust on the surface of steel bars)
Lubricating machine (with wire drawing powder inside to lubricate steel bars, and can be recycled under the barrel)
Reducing machine
Rib pressing machine (pressing steel bars into ribs)
Straightening + servo flying shear (straightening and cutting the steel bars, the cutting error can reach ±3mm, the straightening speed can reach 200m/min, the straightening diameter range is 5-13mm)
Blanking rack (receives cut steel bars)
Wire take-up machine (to collect steel bars into rolls)


 Specification of steel rebar production line:  

Control Technology Touch screen+ PLC+ Encoder
Max. diameter before processing Φ6.5-14mm
Finished ribbed diameter Φ5-13mm
Max. rolling speed 190m/min
Max. straightening&cutting speed 130m/min
length 1-12m
Steel blanking slide length 28m
Wire aggregating way Pneumatic flattening
Wire collecting way Bench type take-up

No downtime, recount

Taking-up weight 2.8T
Speed adjusting way Frequency inverter
Cut off error ±5mm
Cutting way Servo cutting
Main machine rate 100kw+11kw+2kw
Mill roller diameter 228mm
Milling machine adjusting way Synchronous motor
Operator 1-2
Installation length 90*5m

Wire specification example:

Ribbed wire Raw material wire
7.2mm 8-9mm
8mm 10mm
10mm 12mm
12mm 14mm

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