Strengthen hexagonal wire netting machine for chicken cage mesh

The strengthen hexagonal wire netting machine, also known as hexagonal weaving machine or hexagonal mesh machine, is a mechanical equipment specially used for producing hexagonal mesh. This mesh is usually used in a variety of application scenarios such as guardrails, fences, building reinforcement, and protective engineering.

Main components

Body part: JIAKE hexagonal mesh machine applies for appearance patent, provides a stable support structure, and is usually made of high-strength steel to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.
Wire feeding system: The wire (usually galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire, or PVC coated wire) is wound on multiple spools through a spooling machine, and is fed into the wire feeding system by manual threading, and then enters the weaving part. The wire feeding system requires precise control to ensure uniform feeding of the wire.

Weaving system: The core part, through a series of complex mechanical movements, the wire is woven into a hexagonal mesh. This part includes multiple weaving heads and guide devices to ensure the uniformity and strength of the mesh. Equipped with a tight edge system to make the edge line tensioned and full of tension.

Rolling system: The woven mesh is automatically rolled into a roll for subsequent storage and transportation. 2-4 rolls can be produced at the same time to improve production efficiency.

Control system: Modern hexagonal mesh machines are usually equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) to accurately control the weaving speed, mesh size, and other parameters to ensure the automation and efficiency of the production process.

Working Principle

The hexagonal mesh machine feeds the wire into the weaving system through the wire-feeding system. Under the action of the weaving head, the wire is interwoven into a hexagonal mesh according to a predetermined path. After weaving, the mesh is automatically rolled into a roll through the mesh rolling system. The whole process is highly automated and easy to operate.

Chicken Cage Wire Mesh Machine Video:

Chicken Cage Mesh Making Machine:

NW hexagonal wire mesh machine

Speed Mesh width Mesh size Wire diameter Number of twists Weight Motor
60-150m/h 1200-3200 mm 12mm 0.38-0.5mm 3 2-2.5T 2.2kw
15mm 0.40-0.70mm
18mm 0.38-0.70mm
20-22mm 0.38-0.80mm
25-27mm 0.50-1.00mm
30-32mm 0.50-1.00mm
40-44mm 0.40-1.30mm
50mm 0.50-1.50mm
75mm 0.50-1.65mm
100mm 0.50-1.80mm

Straight and reverse hexagonal wire netting machine

Speed Mesh width Mesh size Wire diameter Number of twists Weight Motor
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 20-22mm 0.52-0.7mm 6 3.5-4.5T 2.2kw
25-27mm 0.50-1.00mm
30-32mm 0.50-1.20mm
40-45mm 0.60-1.40mm
50-55mm 0.60-1.50mm
75-80mm 1.00-1.50mm

Hexagonal Mesh Machine Advantages:

Efficient production: The hexagonal mesh machine can achieve high-speed automated production, greatly improve production efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale production.

Stable product quality: The machine adopts advanced technology and a precise control system, which can produce hexagonal mesh with uniform mesh and a stable structure to ensure product quality.

Versatility: The hexagonal mesh machine can produce a hexagonal mesh of different specifications and materials to meet different application requirements, such as fencing, slope protection, building reinforcement, etc.

Easy operation: Modern hexagonal mesh machines are usually equipped with a user-friendly operation interface and automatic control system, which is easy to operate and maintain.

High material utilization rate: The machine has a high utilization rate of materials during the weaving process, which reduces waste and reduces production costs.

Strong durability: The hexagonal mesh machine has a sturdy structure and a long service life, which is suitable for long-term high-intensity use.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Advanced design and technology make the hexagonal mesh machine low in energy consumption during the production process, reducing the impact on the environment.

Hexagonal Mesh Application:

Hexagonal mesh has a wide range of uses, mainly in the following aspects:

Construction and infrastructure

Wall reinforcement: Hexagonal mesh can be used in the walls of buildings to enhance the strength of the walls and prevent cracks and breakage.
Anti-crack mesh: Used when plastering walls to prevent wall cracking and improve the overall strength of the wall.
Insulation mesh: In building insulation systems, hexagonal mesh can fix insulation materials and improve insulation effects.

Agriculture and gardening

Animal fences: Hexagonal mesh is often used to make chicken cages, rabbit cages and other small animal fences to provide a safe habitat.
Plant support: Used to support plants in gardening, protect plants from wind and rain, and promote healthy plant growth.
Soil protection: Use hexagonal mesh on slopes or hillsides to prevent soil erosion and protect farmland and vegetation.

Industrial applications

Machinery protection: Used as a protective cover for mechanical equipment to prevent personnel from contacting dangerous parts.
Item storage: As a grid for storage cages or storage racks, it is convenient to store and transport items.

Protection projects

Slope protection and river management: In slope protection projects, hexagonal mesh can be combined with stones to prevent landslides and river bank erosion and stabilize the slope.
Gabion mesh: Used to make gabion boxes, filled with stones and used for river management and dam reinforcement in water conservancy projects.

Home and decoration

Home fence: Used as garden and courtyard fence, it is both beautiful and practical.
Decorative use: Hexagonal mesh can be used for interior decoration, such as partitions, wall decoration, etc., to add a beautiful effect.

Transportation field

Highway protection net: Hexagonal mesh can be used as a protection net on both sides of the highway to prevent stones from rolling down or animals from breaking into the highway.
Bridge reinforcement: In bridge construction and maintenance, hexagonal mesh is used to reinforce the structure and improve the durability of the bridge.

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