JIAKE wire mesh welders adopt European design techniques with Chinese prices, the machines have good cost performance.


JIAKE’s wire mesh welding machine is designed to ensure fast and efficient production of industrial wire mesh. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have been innovating.

The automatic weld mesh machine can quickly produce a large-diameter reinforcing mesh panel, all kinds of construction roll mesh, and a wide range of specialty mesh fencing products like 2D, 3D, anti-climb, along with chicken cage, disk racks, storage racks, gabion mesh, roof mesh, etc.





SMC brand custom-made air cylinders, adopt European design and techniques, with the advantage of higher output pressure, longer service life, saving 50% air consumption.

European design welding electrode with water cooling system, Chromium zirconium copper material, guarantee current conductivity for good welding quality.


HMI controller, input data to adjust welding degree, control group and mesh pulling distance, more intelligent.



The warranty period of the welding mesh machine is one year, and the damaged parts within one year will be replaced free of charge.


We record detailed installation videos for each welding machine for customers to learn.


Technicians install and debug overseas, and train workers to learn to operate the machines.


7X24 hours online. when customers encounter problems, they can contact engineers to solve problems online at any time.


JIAKE’s advanced engineers are committed to the research development and innovation of new technologies for welding mesh machines.

Construction mesh welding machine patent certificate

Construction mesh welding machine patent certificate

Pneumatic steel mesh welding machine patent certificate

Pneumatic steel mesh welding machine patent certificate

A Welding Electrode Single Circuit Mechanism

A Welding Electrode Single Circuit Mechanism

A pneumatic diameter wire tightening device

A pneumatic diameter wire tightening device

A horizontal wire trimming device

A horizontal wire trimming device


Construction wire mesh is indeed essential in the construction industry. Contractors usually choose steel mesh as the main load-bearing material in construction. The versatility of wire mesh also provides different applications in the construction industry, such as barricades or security fences, concrete reinforcement, storage purposes, highway maintenance, and temporary retaining walls on the construction site, etc.

WIRE MESH WELDER: Technical Support

  • What is a pneumatic wire mesh welder?
  • What equipment is included in a complete wire mesh welder? How many workers are needed?
  • What famous electronic components are used in the wire mesh welder?
  • Why can the JIAKE factory become a gold manufacturer of wire mesh welders?
  • Which countries have JIAKE welded wire mesh welders been exported to?

    >> What is a pneumatic wire mesh welder?


    The wire mesh spot welding machine is divided into two types: Pneumatic and mechanical.

    The mechanical welding machine follows the traditional mechanical working principle, and the motor drives the spindle to push the welding head for welding. When welding the wire mesh, the current passes through the copper arm, the welding head the welded wire mesh, and the ground wire to form an arc to generate high-temperature melting and weld into a grid.

    The pneumatic welding machine has changed the mechanical and clumsy welding method, and the welding head is controlled by the cylinder for welding. One cylinder controls two welding points, the upper copper arm links the two welding heads to form a complete circuit, and the lower copper bar links the lower welding head and the water-cooled transformer.

    The pneumatic wire mesh welder mainly adopts the double force cylinder, which is a popular welding technology in Europe. Jiake factory has obtained support for this technology from its Italian partners. The appearance of the Peili cylinder is small and exquisite, the action speed is fast and the output is stable. There is a piston in each layer of the cylinder, but the force of the piston during the push and pull process has the most compact length and size. Multi-layer stacking, multi-piston at the same time Under force, double the output force of the supercharged cylinder, the wire mesh can be firmly welded together.

    >> What equipment is included in a complete welded wire mesh welder? How many workers are needed?


    1. Wire decoilers, 1 set (used to feed wire)

    2. No.1 straightening rollers, 1 set (used to straighten wire)

    3. Wire storage device, 1 set (used to store wire for easier pulling)

    4. No.2 straightening rollers, 1 set (used to straighten wire)

    5. Main welded wire mesh welder, 1 set (used to weld wire)

    6. Electric control cabinet, 1 set (used to control the whole line)

    7. Automatic mesh cutting machine, 1 set (used to cut mesh)

    8. Automatic mesh falling machine, 1 set (used to collect mesh)

    9. Automatic mesh rolling machine, 1 set (optional, used to roll mesh)

    10. Air compressor, air drier, and air tank, 1 set (used to supply air power)

    11. Industrial chiller, 1 set (used to cool the welding parts)

    12. Wire straightening and cutting machine, 1 set (used to prepare cross wire)

    13. Butt welder, 1 set (used to connect new wire coil.)

    The whole production line of welding mesh machines only needs 1-2 staff to operate the machine, which is easy to operate and saves human resources.

    >> What famous electronic components are used in the wire mesh welder?


    ●Panasonic (Japan) PLC program

    ●Weinview (Taiwan) touch screen

    ●Schneider (France) low-voltage apparatus

    ●ABB (Switzerland Sweden) switch

    ●Schneider (France) air switch

    ●Tengen (China) isolation transformer

    ●Delta (Taiwan) Variable-frequency Drive

    ●Omron (Japan) encoder

    ●Omron (Japan) power supply

    ●Panasonic (Japan) servo driver


    >> Why can the JIAKE factory become a gold manufacturer of wire mesh welders?


    JIAKE Factory is a gold medal manufacturer specializing in the design and production of wire mesh welders. A few months before China was about to enter the 2000th year, the JIAKE factory was announced to be established in Anping, Hebei, the hometown of wire mesh. So far, we have more than 20 years of experience in producing and exporting wire mesh welding machines. Every customer has witnessed our growth history, and our rich experience is unquestionable.

    JIAKE factory has 20-50 professional engineers in different fields, professional design, and quality control, producing high-standard mesh welding machines, continuous improvement, and innovation are our driving forces.


    In 2018, the JIAKE factory received technical support from Italian partners, integrated European welding technology, combined with well-known foreign electronic components, realized technological reform and innovation, and provided customers with more efficient and faster welding mesh machines. Competitive prices and high-end technology attract more customers to buy.


    Hebei JIAKE Factory started to participate in the China Import and Export Fair (spring and autumn) in 2016. Until 2018, we began to go abroad and participate in foreign exhibitions, such as Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Algeria, Egypt, Brazil, Dubai, India, etc. Building materials exhibitions held in many countries have enhanced customers’ recognition of JIAKE welding mesh machines.

    2020 is the fastest-growing year for the JIAKE factory. Factory expansion is the most basic development step. The factory expands to absorb more senior technicians, introduce more advanced equipment monitoring technology, build first-class production lines, and train more skilled workers, expand the technical department and after-sales team, send multiple engineers to foreign customer factories to install and debug the automatic welding mesh machine line, and train workers to learn how to operate the welding mesh machine line for free.

    From the end of 2020 to 2022, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of personnel, JIAKE Factory canceled the installation and commissioning of its engineers going abroad to install and debug the mesh welding machine. Instead, it took a lot of videos for each machine that was about to be exported. How to install the mesh welding line? How to debug the wire mesh welder? Because it is a customer-customized machine, each mesh welding machine needs to record a video, which is convenient for customers to learn. Provide online dialogue with engineers to solve customer problems in a timely manner.


    In 2023, JIAKE factory engineers won a number of technical patent certificates, providing the JIAKE welded wire mesh welding machine with the only welding technology in China, and at the same time proving our professionalism and innovation to customers.

    JIAKE factory welcomes overseas customers to visit the factory at any time and hopes to have in-depth cooperation with customers. Providing customers with the best solutions is our driving force.

    >> How to Transport the mesh welder?

    1. Check the packing list (Check whether the packing list is consistent with the goods to be shipped)

    2. Mark the number on the bracket (Whether the connecting part of the welding mesh machine is marked with numbers, so that customers can install according to the numbers)

    3. Checking spare parts (Check whether the number of accessories is consistent with the packing list to avoid loss)

    4. Plastic package on the machine (The body is wrapped with plastic film to prevent scratches)

    5. Measure the machine size

    6. Check container number

    7. Check inside the container(Check that the container is clean, dry and damaged to prevent damage to the machine)

    8. Load the main mesh welding machine

    9. Fix the machine with steel rope (Preventing machine collisions in case of bumps in the container)

    10. Check the packing list again(Prevent missing any accessories)

    11. Container goes to the seaport

    >> Which countries have JIAKE welded wire mesh welder been exported to?

    JIAKE Wire Mesh Welder has been exported to more than 100 countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, and other countries in South America; Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia are the largest markets in Southeast Asia; Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, and other countries; Africa and South Africa are also one of our main markets; Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, and other countries have also exported.



    Q: What’s the automatic wire mesh welder price?

    A: For the wire mesh welding machine, please tell us:
    1. Wire diameter range
    2. Mesh hole size
    3. Mesh width
    4. Mesh type (roll or panel)

    Based on this information, I can quickly send you a quotation.

    Q: What are your payment terms of wire mesh machines?

    A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment, or L/C, cash, etc. It is negotiable.

    Q: What is the wire mesh machine voltage?

    A: We can make the machine according to your voltage, Usually the popular are 3 phase, 380V/220V/415V/440V, 50Hz or 60Hz, etc.

    Q: Whether the welding degree be adjusted?

    A: Welding current and welding time can be adjusted by PLC to suit different wire sizes and welding degrees

    Q: Power supply need a big capacity?

    A: Our machine adopts separate control technology, the welding transformers can work at different times to reduce power supply requirements.

    Q: What is the cooling system mode of the wire mesh welding machine?

    A: The welding transformers and welding electrode base are water-cooling types. We will also equip an industrial chiller.