wire straightening


JIAKE Professional Manufacturer of wire straightening and cutting machines in China! Wire straightening and cutting machines are designed as independent production lines for high-speed production of straightened and cut wire. JIAKE provides new technology solutions to increase production and optimize costs.


Wire diameter: 2-3.5mm

Cutting length: 300-2500/3000mm

Max. speed: 60-80m/min

The machine can be used with 2-4mm wire mesh welding machine


Wire diameter: 3-6mm/3-8mm

Cutting length: 330-6000/12000mm

Max. speed: 120m/min

The machine can be used with 3-6/3-8mm wire mesh welding machine

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Wire diameter: 4-12mm/6-14mm

Cutting length: 280-12000mm

Max. speed: 52m/min

The machine can be used with 4-10/5-12mm wire mesh welding machine

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Wire diameter: 6-12mm

Cutting length: 280/600-12000mm

Max. speed: 70-130m/min

The machine can be used with large wire-diameter welding machines

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How do the wire straightening and cutting machines work?

JIAKE designs and manufactures machines that can straighten and cut smooth or ribbed wires at speeds up to 130m/min. According to the diameter of the customer’s cutting wire, JIAKE designs different models of machines for customers to choose from. All machines come with a 1 year warranty and spare parts are available worldwide.

Like other mesh welding machines, the straightening & cutting wire system has a modular design and can be run by one operator. We can offer a wide range of pay-off stands, straightening, collection, and alignment options in varying tonnages to suit our customers’ requirements and budgets.

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