GT4-12H wire rod straightening and cutting machine

JIAKE’s fully automatic straightening and cutting machine introduces advanced European technology, with high efficiency, durability, humanized design, safety and reliability, and many units have invention patents;

Cut lengths are programmed directly into the PLC and measured using an encoder measuring device that provides accurate actual length of the finished component. The length is digitally programmed, allowing very fast length setting and conversion.

Straightened and cut wires emerge from the runout and fall in small bundles from the straightener into a floor-mounted collection unit, where they are end-aligned via pneumatically operated end plates.


  Machine Specification:  

Model GT4-12H
Wire diameter 4-12mm wire rod; 4-10mm rebar
Cutting length 280-12000mm
Speed Max. 45m/min
Cut error ±5mm
Straightening motor 11
Cutting motor 4kw

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