Prison fence mesh welding production line

At the beginning of March 2023, a Brazilian customer contacted me. He is a chain link fence manufacturer in Brazil. Recently, he wanted to produce guardrails with high safety factors for use in homes, farms, military bases, or prison fences. The client sent me a grid drawing and asked me to help him provide the best solution.


From the drawings, this kind of prison guardrail network is also called the “Y-shaped security defense net” prison steel mesh wall. It is composed of V-shaped bracket columns, reinforced welded sheet mesh, security anti-theft connectors, and hot-dip galvanized blade cages. The composition strength and security level are very high. In recent years, it has been widely used in high-security places such as prisons, airports, and military bases.

According to the drawings, it can be basically determined that this is a high-grade safety fence combined with razor wire and 3D fence mesh, and the specification of the mesh is also within our predicted range, which is very simple.

1.3D fence panel production line
There are two types of 3D guardrail net welding machines, one is a fully automatic bending guardrail net welding machine, and the other is a manual bending guardrail net welding machine. According to the customer’s budget, I quoted a manual bending guardrail net welding machine for the customer.

The manual bending wire mesh production line includes two straightening machines, a pneumatic wire mesh welding machine, a bending machine, an air compressor and water cooling equipment, etc. The function of the two straightening machines is to straighten and cut off the supply of horizontal and vertical wires. The pneumatic guardrail mesh welding machine performs grid welding. After the welding is completed, two staff members are required to move the 2D guardrail mesh pieces to the bending machine and place the guardrail Press and bend to form a 3D guardrail.

2. Blade barbed wire production line (the working principle is mentioned in the previous article)

Advantages of prison guardrail network
1. It is beautiful, practical, and easy to transport and install.
2. Terrain with slope is also applicable. The mesh surface is made into a corresponding angle mesh surface, and the connection position of the column can be adjusted up and down according to the fluctuation of the ground;
3. Installing four horizontal bending reinforcement bars on the prison guardrail net will not increase the overall cost much, while significantly increasing the strength and beauty of the net surface. It is one of the most popular at home and abroad.

In short, the grid produced by the combination of the blade barbed wire machine and the 3D guardrail net welding machine will form a prison guardrail net with a high safety factor. If you also need this Y-shaped safety defense net, please contact me and I will do it for you. Provide the best solution.

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