Concertina Razor Wire Fence Making Machine

 Description of Concertina Razor Wire Mesh Machine:  

Concertina razor wire fence making machine: Model: DP-RB-25. This machine is used to make different shapes of razor tape from steel coil, Then, cover a steel wire into the razor tape, At last, razor wire is formed. often widely used for protection and has high security. Above all, You can choose the razor shape you want.

 Machine Specification:  

Steel tap shape optional

Style Barb length Barb width Barb space Steel tape shape
BTO-12-1 12±1mm 13±1mm 26±1mm BTO-12-1
BTO-12-2 12±1mm 15±1mm 26±1mm BTO-12-2
BTO-18 18±1mm 15±1mm 33±1mm BTO-18
BTO-22 22±1mm 15±1mm 34±1mm BTO-22
BTO-28 28±1mm 15±1mm 48±1mm BTO-28
BTO-30 30±1mm 18±1mm 49±1mm BTO-30
BTO-60 60±1mm 32±1mm 96±1mm BTO-60
BTO-65 65±1mm 21±1mm 100±1mm BTO-65

Technical Data of Punching machine and covering machine

Punching machine Covering machine
Speed 220-280m/h×9strips 800kgs/ 8hours
Raw material Galvanized steel sheet Galvanized wire
Thickness 0.5±0.05mm steel tape 2.5mm wire
Motor 2.2 kw 1.5kw
Weight 2200kgs 300kgs
Dimension 1100*1000*2000mm 1100*750*1200mm

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