High-Speed Wire Straightening & Cutting

JIAKE high-speed straightening & cutting machines are high-performance machines for the production of fixed-length wire. These straightening machines are specially manufactured for factories with high production requirements. They are generally used as auxiliary equipment for mesh welding machines. They can cut straight and horizontal lines with high speed and small cutting errors.

Due to its diverse range of machines, each series can achieve high output. Both straightening and cutting machines are robust and offer high productivity and flexibility according to changes in wire diameter.

Increased output by servo-adjustable spinner
Increased operating convenience due to motor-driven adjustment of straightening dies during production. Minimum downtimes when inserting wire. Therefore, higher output by shorter tooling times.

 Specification of Wire Cutting Machine:  

Model GT2-3.5H GT2.5-6H GT3-8H GT4-12 GT6-12H
Wire diameter (mm) 2-3.5 2.5-6 3-8 4-12 wire rod, 4-10 rebar 6-12 wire rod, 6-12 rebar
Cutting length (mm) 300-2500/3000 200-6000 330-6000/12000 280-12000 280/600-12000
Cutting error (mm) ±1 ±1 ±1 ±5 ±5
Max. Speed (m/min) 60-80 90-120 120 45 70-130
Straighten motor (kw) 4 4 11 11 37
Cut motor (kw) 2.6 3 4 7.5

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